Patented® adjustable Die system of VLM

The best choice for variable press braking

VLM -dr

 A little History

- 2002 - Initial design of VLM Die (matrix)
- 2004 - Worldwide patented
- 2005 - Establishment of the VLM company 
- 2006 - First VLM Dies produced and sold (originally yellow)
               VLMBN / VLMDN / VLMEN
- 2008 - new model VLMFN
- 2013 - company takeover by Carlo Vangompel a Frank Claessens
vlmbvbain Dutch stands for
Verstelbare (Adjustable)   Lamellen (Lamellar)   Matrijs (Die)

Standard manual adjustable models:

vlmbnfront VLMDNfront
VLMBN  V 25 - 125 mm 125 t/m 90° VLMDN  V 65 - 185 mm 200 t/m 90°
VLMENfront VLMFNfront
VLMEN  V 120 - 300 mm 400 t/m 90°  VLMFN  V 150 - 400 mm 600 t/m 90°


Standard automatic adjustable models:

Standard VLM Automaat CNC



On 06/2016 Mafieli s.r.o. an authorized dealer of VLM (BE) together installed the VLM CNC die with dimensions in the V opening 25 to 125 mm + additional inserts with R3 radius for a variant solution of the V opening of the VLM die from 14 to 104 mm on the press brake FARINA 800/6200 –TANDEM. So they expanded theirs options for fast tool machine adjustment for the new custom manufacturing.


Overall view of the CNC - VLM BN


A separate setting of the die


TOUCH control system of the die


Example of the bend on the die


Additional insert with a radius R3

VLM CNC die is divided into two separate units, that allows you to work separately on each press-brake with a different V opening (with different dimensions of the die), or together with the same dimension for tandem with a total length of 2x 6200 mm.

Instalation of VLMCNC lead to the substantial reduction in set-up time from 180 minutes to just one minute (55 sec).